Houston 3-1-1 Help & Info

City Functions Index - D


Function Description Department
Dangerous Buildings Dangerous Buildings Department of Neighborhoods
Death Certificates Death Certificates Health and Human Services
Deferred Disposition Deferred Disposition Municipal Courts
Demographic and Statistical Information Demographic and Statistical Information Planning and Development
Demolition Guidelines Demolition Guidelines Public Works and Engineering
Demolition Guidelines Swimming Pool Demolition Permit Public Works and Engineering
Dental Services Dental Services Health and Human Services
Developer Participation Contract Ordinances and Information Developer Participation Contract Ordinances and Information Public Works and Engineering
Disaster Preparedness Disaster Preparedness Office of Emergency Management
Disc Golf Disc Golf Parks and Recreation
Disease Reporting Disease Reporting Health and Human Resources
Dog Parks Dog Parks Parks and Recreation
Drainage Utility Charge Drainage Utility Charge Public Works and Engineering
Drinking Water Operations Drinking Water Operations Public Works and Engineering
Drivers Crash Report Drivers Crash Report Police Department