Houston 3-1-1 Help & Info

City Functions Index - F


Function Description Department
Facts and Figures Facts and Figures
Fair Housing Fair Housing Housing and Community Development
Fat, Oil, Grease (FOG) Permit Fat, Oil, Grease (FOG) Permit Health and Human Services
Fees City Fee Schedule Finance
Fire Active Incidents
Fire Adopt a Fire Station Fire Department
Fire Fire and EMS Records Fire Department
Fire Fire Department Standards and Codes Fire Department/Fire Marshall
Fire Fire Department Strategic Plan Fire Department
Fire Fire Station Tours and Presentations Fire Department
Fire Fire Statistics Fire Department
Fire General Fire Permits Fire Department
Fire General Information Fire Department
Fire Juvenile FireStoppers Program Fire Department
Fire List of Fire Station Sites Fire Department
Fire Smoke Alarm Permits Fire Department
Fire Standards and Codes Fire Department
Fire Units and Common Terms Fire Department
Fire Upcoming Events Fire Department
Fitness Centers Fitness Centers Parks and Recreation
Flood Plain Documents Flood Plain Documents Public Works and Engineering
Flood Plain Map Flood Plain Map Public Works and Engineering
Food Establishment Complaint Form Food Establishment Complaint Intake Form Health and Human Services
Food Establishment, Opening a Food Establishment, Opening a Health and Human Services
Food Illness Complaint Form Foodborne Illness Complaint Form Health and Human Services
Food Inspection Reports Food Inspection Reports Health and Human Services
Food Service Managers Certification Food Service Managers Certification Health and Human Services
Franchise Information Franchise Information Administration and Regulatory Affairs