For live assistance including TTY callers, dial 311. Some mobile phone users or persons outside the Houston area may need to dial 713.837.0311.

Houston 311 Help & Info

Service Request Instructions

To access City department and online service requests (when available), click on the categories to the right or search the full service directory menu.

If you don’t find any category on this site for your specific service request, please click on the "Email 311" link to your left.

Having difficulty entering an address on the online service request  site, try this helpful tip: 

Avoid using directional prefixes such as N, S, E, or W, and suffixes such as Street, Road, or Boulevard when entering the street address.  For example, search for 900 N. Windswept Boulevard by using only “Windswept” as the street name and for numeric streets, such as 900 West 22nd Street, use “22nd” as the street name. For addresses on the Loop where a directional location is important to finding a particular property (i.e. North Loop West), enter N Loop W with no periods, while for streets such as T.C. Jester, enter T C Jester using no periods and a space between the T and the C. Please be aware that it is quite common for non-profit locations and government facilities to lack a proper address in the database and you may need to use the intersection format to submit a service request.

If you still experience problems, or  if you do not see an online service request form for your particular need or service, click on the following link and submit your request by email:

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