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Programs developed and implemented by the Anti-Gang Office provide free case management, counseling, court based-assessment, mediation, referrals, recreation activities, school-based intervention strategies, job readiness assistance for youth offenders, truancy reduction, victims' assistance, and community education and training on gang awareness.


Education and Training
Education is critical in raising public awareness and motivating public response to stop gang violence and juvenile delinquency in Houston. The Mayor's Anti-Gang Office provides gang awareness training to educators and administrators, service agencies, health care providers, and law enforcement and criminal justice personnel to support them in their efforts to develop appropriate strategies to deal with gang involved youth. Staff members also conduct presentations to students at both primary and secondary schools to educate them on the consequences and dangers of gang involvement. Gang awareness education is also provided to parents, care givers, and the general public to assist them in identifying and addressing gang involvement within their families and communities.



Gang Intervention Services
For those youth who have made the decision to leave the gang lifestyle behind, street level gang intervention counselors provide case management, mediation, counseling, referrals, mentoring, and encouragement of lawful use of the criminal justice system. Assistance is also provided to family members. Clients are referred to the office from schools, service providers, law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, the judicial system, and self-referrals.


  • To request assistance with a gang involved youth, youth at risk for gang involvement, or for information and/or referral to a youth service agency, contact the Anti-Gang Office at 713.247.1576.


Gulfton Community Youth Development Programs
In 1995, the Texas Legislature designated zip code 77081 (Gulfton), as one of 15 in the State of Texas with the highest rates of juvenile offenders. Through the state's Community Youth Development Program, funding has been allocated for programs designed to prevent and reduce juvenile crime. Three programs have been developed for this area: Gulfton Youth Mentoring, the United Minds Youth Leadership Advisory Council, and Campo del Sol Summer Day Camp.



Gang Resistance Education Awareness Training (G.R.E.A.T.)
G.R.E.A.T. is a prevention program for middle school students implemented by the Houston Police Department. Police officers teach an anti-gang curriculum to students at three target schools. To compliment the prevention curriculum, HPD has partnered with the Mayor's Anti-Gang Office to provide intervention services to gang involved and high-risk students.


Juvenile Accountability Court Program
Through the U.S. Department of Justice's Juvenile Accountability Block Grant, and in partnership with the City of Houston's Municipal Courts, case managers assess the needs of youthful offenders cited for Class C misdemeanors and assist judges in recommending appropriate sanctions. In lieu of fines, youth are sentenced to case management counselors, intervention workshops and community service projects.



Weed and Seed
The Mayor's Anti-Gang Office serves as a fiscal agent and coordinator for the U.S. Department of Justice's West Houston Weed and Seed Program. Weed and Seed sites implement a community-designed strategy to "weed out" criminal elements, and "seed" the area with expanded programs and community revitalization efforts.


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