Administration and Regulatory Affairs

Coin-Operated Amusement Machine Decals

Form: Coin-Operated Machine Application (updated November 2015)
Form: Additional Decals (updated November 2015)

Requirements: Applicants must:

  • Submit Coin-Operated Machine Application (updated November 2015) listing the make, model and serial number of each machine
  • Pay appropriate fees (see Coin-Decal Fee Schedule, updated November 2015).
  • Purchase additional coin-operated machine decals (updated November 2015) and properly display each decal on the proper machine.
  • If the coin-operated machine is an amusement redemption machine, as defined by Ordinance, a Game Room permit must be obtained prior to the decals. There is a penalty of $100 for each machine that is being operated without a decal.

Expiration: December 31

Ordinance: Chapter 44, Art. II, Sec. 44-82 to 44-100