Administration and Regulatory Affairs

Game Rooms

Form: Game Room Application (updated January 2018)
Harris County Regulations (updated September 2015)
City of Houston/Harris County Inter-local Agreement (updated February 2019)

Requirements: Applicants must:

  • Submit Game Room Application (updated January 2018) to ARA for processing and background check
  • Submit Certificate of Occupancy from the Public Works & Engineering Department, Code Enforcement Section and if operated under an assumed name, a copy of the registration of assumed name filed with the Clerk's Office in the county of record
  • Apply for any other applicable City permits or license
  • Pay appropriate fees (see schedule).

Upon approval of background check, ARA will submit application to HPD D.R.T. officers for onsite inspection. Once location has been approved by D.R.T. officers and meets all other criteria, ARA will notify applicant to pick-up Game Room permit.

Expiration: December 31

Ordinance: Chapter 5, Art. VI