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KRONOS Time and Attendance System

The City of Houston uses Kronos for all payroll time collection in every department.  This system is designed not only to capture accurate working and leave hours but also give each employee full visibility into their time cards, accrual balances, pay stubs and annual W-2’s online.  Supervisors and managers have full visibility to manage all labor resources and control overtime.




Use this phone number and email address to get support for your Kronos questions:



Save these links as Favorites on your work and home computers:



TeleTime requires approval by your department prior to use.

Phone Number (855) COH-TIME or (855) 264-8469



The following manuals are used in training classes and are also good reference manuals for new supervisors or new employees (.pdf).



Job Aids

Job aids are one or two page documents with simple instructions and examples for everyday tasks (.pdf).




Newsletter Archive (.pdf)




Online Learing

You can access online learning tools by using the City of Houston Learning Management System (LMS). The following courses are currently available.


  • Kronos User Training For Executives – This is a 45-minute course designed for managers with exempt direct reports.
  • Kronos – Editing a Schedule Pattern
  • Kronos – Scheduling without a Pattern Template
  • Kronos – Assign Employee to Schedule Group
  • Kronos – Change Schedule Pattern for a Future Date


To find these course, go to and search for “Kronos” in All Locations.