Administration and Regulatory Affairs

Vehicle for Hire Permitting and Enforcement - Jitneys

A jitney is a motorized passenger vehicle having a seating capacity of 9-15 passengers, including the driver, that is operated upon a closed loop route following specific streets/highways, in a specific direction and is operated without a fixed scheduled, carrying passengers from place to place in exchange for a fee.

The City of Houston currently has 2 jitney companies permitted and operating. The route and rate information for both companies is listed below.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our offices at or 832.394.8803.

The Houston Wave – The company operates several approved routes with a split rate structure. The one way fee per route is $8.  An all-night pass for all routes is $15. The routes are listed below.  Click the name and see the map of the route.

Walt, Inc. -   The company operates 2 approved routes with 1 rate structure.  The rate is $400 for 10 people or $40 per person.  The routes are listed below. Click the name and see the map of the route.