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BARC Out of Space, Shelter Needs Houston To Adopt Or Foster Today!

April 7, 2011 - BARC, the City of Houston's animal shelter, is fighting a capacity crisis.  BARC has received an abnormally high number of kittens and puppies due to a warm springtime breeding season, which came a bit early this year.  High intakes have exhausted BARC's capability to provide additional space.   "Kitten season comes about the same time every year," said David Atencio, General Manager for BARC.  "This year it came a little early, and with a vengeance."  Llitter upon litter of puppies and kittens are flooding the BARC facility while many area rescue groups are already full.   And hundreds more puppies, kittens and adult animals are expected to pass through the shelter in the next couple of months.

The only space available to free room for intakes, which is currently at a rate of 80-100 per day, is to make room in the adoption wards.  The dog adoption kennel is currently full of healthy and wonderful future pets, and they need Houstonians' to come see how great they are.  The Cat Castle at BARC is bustling with cats of all ages, sizes and colors, ready for a permanent home.  Been thinking about getting a puppy or kitten?  Consider adopting or fostering from BARC - the low adoption fee is the best value in the City, and includes initial vetting, spay/neuter surgery, Rabies vaccination, City license, micro chip, and much more.  You can even take a look ahead of time at the animals available by following the PetFinder link on BARC's new website at www.houstonbarc.com or on BARC's Facebook page.  But be forewarned ... you may fall in love with a totally different pet when you visit the adoptable animals on-site.

In an unprecedented move to respond to the capacity situation, BARC will expand it's current weekend 50% adoption fee special to every day through the end of April.  BARC knows Houston can respond during this seasonal influx.  Customers who are intested in fostering healthy and adoptable dogs or cats temporarily will also be able to do so during this time.  In fact, fostering can become a well-loved hobby.  The primary role of a foster care volunteer is to provide a safe, healthy environment for the pet and to socialize them in order to increase their adoptability.  Foster parents learn about their pet, promote the animal to their friends, families and social networks and become the voice and advocate for that animal's adoption.  Remember, year-round BARC offers a free "Seniors for Seniors" placement program for pets over 3 years old for Seniors 55 and older. 

“It’s a much easier time to bring a a new pet into the house during the summertime, as families tend to have more time to devote to introducing a new pet into the home and helping it get adjusted,” said Carlene Lormand, Outreach Manager for BARC.  Every Saturday, public patrons of BARC are treated to "Wags to Wiskers" cookout sponsored by Friends of Barc, including free hot dogs and hamburgers!  Make plans to visit BARC today and find your next best friend. 

Houstonians who desire to support the shelter financially may make tax-deductible gifts in the form of cash, check, or money order.  Per recently passed City ordinance, all donations made to the shelter may only be used for BARC animals and BARC programs. The simplest, but most powerful thing you can do to help the BARC Houston shelter, and pets throughout our community, is to talk to your friends, neighbors, and family about caring for pets responsibly.  We encourage everyone to visit the new www.houstonbarc.com.