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BARC to Host Foster Fair and Offer "Name Your Price" Adoptions this Sunday

March 30, 2012 - BARC, the City of Houston's animal shelter, will host an educational Foster Fair on Sunday, April 1, 2012 from 12:30 to 4:15 pm.  The Foster Fair will offer an overview of the BARC foster program.  BARC always needs help with fostering puppies and kittens who are too young for surgery, moms with litters that are still nursing, cats and dogs that are ill and need recovery time outside the shelter, and animals that just need time in a home environment until they find their forever home.   Fosters are particularly needed during warm weather months, when the number of puppies and kittens surrendered to BARC skyrockets.  Between March 1st and August 31st, 2011, BARC received 2795 kittens and 2808 puppies. That's an average of over 30 babies a day!

So we need lots of dedicated fosters to care for the youngsters that come in the doors this year until they're ready for surgery and adoption into a permanent home.  Therefore, we are hosting the BARC Foster Fair to provide vital information to current and new fosters.  BARC will provide support for neonatal fosters through a dedicated Foster Coordinator to answer questions about fostering, veterinary clinic hours especailly for fosters on Monday and Thursday, young pup/kitten nursing formula and bottle starter kits (thanks Friends of BARC and Frisky Pawz!), and more.

If you want to help homeless animals but aren't ready to adopt a new member into your pack, fostering is a great way to help BARC help Houston.  Fostering a neonatal pup or kitten is typically a four to six week committment - foster homes can feature BARC pets for adoption at two off-site adoption events or the BARC shelter every week.  Come out to our Foster Education Fair to find out how you can help. There will be resources to help answer your questions and show you what you can do to provide a temporary home for an animal in need. BARC can provide you with supplies and basic vetting.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come! Open to the public, new and old fosters, and all! We need everyone to be ready to help out when the wave of new puppies and kittens arrive. If you are ready to search for a new pet and want to opt to adopt, this Sunday is a great day to meet BARC animals.  Potential adopters will have the opportunity to "name their price" for the adoption fee; whatever adopters feel the value of their new pet warrants, BARC will accept.

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And, as always, the BARC facility will host Friends of BARC's Wags to Whiskers adoption event at 3200 Carr on Saturday 12-4 pm with free hot dogs and hamburgers.  The tireless Friends of BARC volunteers welcome all potential adopters, fosters and volunteers with their energy and clear dedication to BARC animals.

The simplest, but most powerful thing you can do to help the BARC Houston shelter, and pets throughout our community, is to talk to your friends, neighbors, and family about caring for pets responsibly.  To donate to BARC online via the Houston BARC Foundation, click here.

We encourage everyone to visit us online at www.houstonbarc.com.