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BARC Foster Pet Parent Provides a New Beginning for a Homeless Dog
Rosy's Story is a True Testament to the Impact Foster Pet Parents Can Have on Animals in Need

November 20, 2012 - Rosy, a three-year-old dog, entered BARC frightened and in poor health, but soon fully recovered and settled into a permanent and loving home. Thanks to her foster mom, Rosy will never again have to worry about abuse, neglect or starvation. Now, her only concern is choosing whether to play with her squeaky toy or her tennis ball.

Moments after Dana Bailey found Rosy under a car in her neighborhood, BARC Animal Control Officers stopped to take the dog to the shelter. Dana felt an immediate attachment to this sweet dog and knew she wanted to welcome Rosy into  her home as a foster pet.

"Rosy was extremely emaciated and tested high heart worm positive. She had scars from years of abuse, neglect and starvation, and was covered from head to toe in fleas," said Bailey. "I knew as soon as I laid eyes on her that she was a kindhearted dog that was forced into an awful situation. I wanted to give her the life she deserved."

Rosy's warm welcome into Dana's home was only the beginning of a long journey toward mental and physical recovery. Medical treatment and tender loving care healed Rosy's physical wounds in a matter of weeks, but the road to emotional recovery was much longer. She trusted very few people, but her foster mom was determined to change that. In addition to the countless hours of play and exercise at Dana's house, Rosy spent six weeks with an obedience trainer where she learned a few doggie tricks and realized she is loved by many. 

"Rosy has come so far throughout her time in foster care," said Bailey. "She is sweet, loyal and incredibly smart. Her nickname is Nosy Rosy because she thinks she should be involved in anything and everything going on at home."

Now, Rosy loves to run and play, go for car rides, meet new people and play in the toy aisle at pet stores. She is more outgoing than ever and is flea and heart worm free. Thanks to fosters like Dana Bailey, there are currently 300 animals that were taken into BARC but are now in foster care.  These future pets have the opportunity to start a new life with a new family. Just like Rosy. 

After months of fostering Rosy, Dana decided to officially adopt her as her own. This is not always the case, however. Most BARC foster pet parents take dogs and cats into their homes temporarily and help find a home for the animal once it's ready for adoption.

BARC takes in more than 100 animals every day on average. Many animals are not ready for adoption and need foster parents: Some are very young, some need socialization and others need medical treatment before they are ready to go home with a forever family. Whatever the case, every adoptable animal that comes into BARC deserves a new home. Fosters play a critical role in helping BARC's dogs and cats develop physically, mentally and emotionally until they are ready for a permanent home.

"Fostering a pet means saving a life," said Mauricio Zepeda, BARC's Foster and Rescue Coordinator. "We are so thankful to have foster pet parents like Dana Bailey. Every person that welcomes a foster pet into their home gives that animal a second chance." 

Fostering a homeless animal is a wonderful and rewarding experience. As there are many animals with different levels of need during foster care, becoming a BARC foster pet parent can fit into almost any lifestyle. Rosy's story is one of numerous successful foster stories at BARC. You could be the difference in an animal's life this holiday season by joining the BARC foster team. Dana got more out of it than she ever expected:

"I knew I was going to change Rosy's life as her foster parent," said Bailey. "But I had no idea the extent she would change mine."

Visit BARC's website to learn more about the program and how to get involved. Call Lizzie Carey at 713.229.7377 or Mauricio Zepeda at 713.229.7354 to learn about BARC's next foster orientation. 

Below are photos of Rosy before and after she was taken into foster care:

Rosy Before and After

Above: Rosy before she entered foster care (left). Rosy after her BARC foster mom
nursed her back to health (right - Photo by Mauricio Zepeda).

Rosy and Her Foster Mom

Above: Rosy is now happy and healthy with her foster - and now forever - mom, Dana.
(Photo by Mauricio Zepeda)

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