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AdoptSpay & Neuter

SPAY refers to the surgery performed on female animals so they can not become pregnant. NEUTER refers to the surgery on male animals so they can't make females pregnant.
Why spay and neuter?

In Houston and Harris County, over 85,000 dogs and cats must be euthanized every year because they are unwanted. You can be a responsible pet owner by spaying or neutering your pet to help reduce this number.

Spaying/neutering is good for your pet. It reduces the chances of reproductive cancer; prevents females from having heat cycles; reduces chances males will spray or mark their territory; lessens a pet's urge to roam and get lost; reduces the pet overpopulation problem.

Contact your veterinarian for more information.

What if I can’t afford to have my pet spayed/neutered?

The Spay Neuter Assistance Program - (SNAP) ... 713.522.2337 ... operates a free spay/neuter program for pets of low-income households.

BARC’s pet adoption fees include spay/neuter. BARC does not adopt out unsterilized animals.