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AdoptAbout “Bully” Breeds

Thousands of dogs and cats end up in shelters and are euthanized because their new owners did not take the time to research and understand a particular breed and its needs. Please help keep animals out of shelters by understanding the needs of a breed before you adopt.
Take the time to research and learn about breeds...every breed has certain unique characteristics. And, just like people, no animal is perfect; consistent socialization and training will be an important part of your life together.

Bully breeds must be cared for properly. They do have many qualities that can make them great pets for active people with lots of time and attention to dedicate to them. They are social and tend to be loyal to their owners. They are large, muscular and need a great deal of activity and exercise. Bully breeds must be supervised when they're around strangers, children or other pets.

Most Common Bully Breeds:
American pit bull terrier
American Staffordshire terrier
Boston terrier
Staffordshire bull terrier

Bully breeds are unique. They can react adversely to inappropriate living conditions. There are many shelters, rescue groups and animal lovers that are dedicated to understanding these breeds and committed to helping them find the best permanent homes.