BARC Animal Shelter and Adoptions

Urgent Pets

BARC takes in over 25,000 animals per year and works hard to find a home for each and every one.  The majority of our pets can be viewed on or However, some pets are not eligible for adoption due to medical or behavioral issues that require extensive care outside of the shelter environment. These animals will only be made available to approved fosters and/or rescue organizations for transfer.  Others are not immediately available for adoption because they are on stray hold.  These pets are available for viewing on or To become an approved rescue organization, please complete the application and email it to

The following reports show animals with medical conditions, behavioral conditions, animals who have been in the shelter for long periods of time, and animals who otherwise are at high risk for euthanasia and in immediate need of assistance to leave the shelter. Many of these animals have special medical or behavioral needs and BARC is grateful for the many fosters and rescue organizations that partner with BARC to place these animals outside the shelter. To become an approved foster, please complete the application and email it to

Shelter Residency 10+ Days

This report shows pets who have been in the shelter over 10 days. These animals may be at risk for euthanasia during periods of high intake volumes and are a high priority when the shelter reaches maximum capacity.