Boards and Commissions

The City of Houston is assisted by groups of citizens in many ways, such as setting policy, settling disputes, aiding fellow citizens and planning for the future. These groups include boards, commissions, committees, councils, corporations, authorities, agencies, etc. The Boards and Commissions involve residents of the City of Houston who volunteer their time and expertise for the benefit of the community.

Community service is a rewarding experience. If you are interested in appointment by Mayor Sylvester Turner in an area where your expertise and commitment will make a difference, please review the listings in the link below. It is an index and brief description of each board and commission. For more information, contact either the group contact in the individual listings or the Mayor's Boards and Commissions office listed to the right.

Mayors Hispanic Advisory Board Nominations Application

We are seeking nominations to recognize Latinos who have made outstanding contributions in the community -- within the City of Houston. 

Please feel free to share the application (.pdf) with others who might want to nominate deserving candidates.

Deadline for nominations:
Must be postmarked by August 19, 2016
Send applications by mail to:
City of Houston
Attn: Jackie Schuessler-Kimsey (MHHA)
901 Bagby, 3rd Floor
Houston, Texas 77002


E-mail applications to:


2015 Mayor's Hispanic Heritage Awards

The Mayor’s Hispanic Heritage Awards (MHHA) Committee seeks to recognize exemplary Hispanics who have made outstanding contributions toward improving the quality of life within the Houston Hispanic community.