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IPOB What To Do When Stopped Or Detained By Police

If you are stopped or detained by police it is generally because you are in the area where a crime just occurred, witness to a crime, fit the description of a suspect, have been pointed out as a suspect, appear to need assistance, or have violated a law. If you are stopped or detained, you should do the following:

  • Follow the officer’s instructions.
  • Keep your hands clearly visible.
  • Avoid making any sudden or reaching movements.
  • Provide your operator’s license or identification card upon request.
  • If a weapon is present, verbally inform the officer of its exact location. Do not make any gestures toward the weapon. State whether you possess a concealed handgun permit. Wait for specific instructions before making any movements.
  • If you observe or witness a police investigation, you have a right to photograph and record it.
  • If you are recording an officer, the officer may require you to stand at a distance away from the event to safely allow the officer to continue to do his/her job.
  • If an officer believes a recording of the scene may contain evidence, law or policy may compel the officer to detain the citizen pending a determination of the recording’s value as evidence.
  • It is a violation of law, Interference with Public Duties, Texas Penal Code §38.15, to negligently disrupt, interrupt, or otherwise interfere with a peace officer performing his/her duties.
  • NEVER attempt to flee or evade a police officer under any circumstances.

What to Do When Stopped for a Traffic Violation

  • When an officer signals you to pull over, the following should be done:
  • Pull your vehicle as far to the right as possible.
  • Remain seated in the vehicle; do not get out unless instructed to do so.
  • Keep your hands visible to the officer.
  • Follow the officer’s instructions.
  • Turn on the interior light when it’s dark outside.
  • Do not reach for anything unless directed to do so by the officer.
  • Produce your driver license and proof of financial responsibility (insurance) upon request.
  • If a citation is issued, you will be requested to sign the bottom of the citation. THIS IS NOT AN ADMISSION OF GUILT.
  • Along with the citation there will be a packet of information that will instruct you on procedures to resolve this matter.
  • NEVER attempt to flee or evade a police officer under any circumstances.