The Mayor’s Citizens Assistance Office (MCAO) was created in 1974 by then Mayor Fred Hofheinz, supported by funding under the Federal Community Development Act of 1974.  Originally called the Mayor’s Citizens’ Action Office and established as a division of the Mayor’s Office, its mission focused on community assistance and constituent services.  In 2011, the office became a division of the new Department of Neighborhoods established by Mayor Annise Parker.  Today MCAO continues to assist with the Mayor's chartered duties of directing and monitoring the efficient and responsive delivery of city services to Houston residents. MCAO responds to citizen inquiries and service requests, facilitates the delivery of constituent services and collaborates with city departments, civic groups and community partners to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Houston.

Citizens' Assistance Office

A Division of the Department of Neighborhoods

Welcome to the Mayor's Citizens Assistance Office. The Mission of the Mayor’s Citizens Assistance Office (MCAO) is to improve the quality of life for all Houstonians by promoting efficient and effective city services, encouraging community involvement and participation, handling individual citizens’ concerns, and supporting neighborhood revitalization efforts throughout the City of Houston.

Overview of MCAO Services: 

  • Coordinate responses and resolutions to community complaints through appropriate city departments and other agencies
  • Coordinate community involvement for voluntary compliance on such things as dangerous buildings, weeded lots, abandoned vehicles and criminal activity
  • Handle requests for city services, individual complaints/referrals and field investigations
  • Promote neighborhood revitalization efforts through community outreach activities

Other MCAO Services:

  • MCAO administrative staff (located at City Hall Annex) assists the public with their presentation to the Mayor and City Council on Tuesdays at the weekly City Council Public Session meetings
  • Requests for a certificate or proclamation from the Mayor are coordinated with the Communications Office on behalf of the citizen
  • Civic Club Directory (.pdf) last updated August 15, 2018

Community Outreach Activities:

  • Collaborate with Civic Clubs / Neighborhood Organizations & Homeowner Associations
  • Partner with Non-profit/Social Service Organizations, Schools & Church groups
  • Help coordinate Neighborhood Clean-ups / Task Forces / Sweeps
  • Conduct neighborhood Surveys / Tours / Site Visits / Complaint Investigations