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Citizenship Month is a series of your exciting community-driven events and programs designed to raise awareness of citizenship and the citizenry of Houston by celebrating the many faces of our City. These events and programs will encourage and enhance citizenship and civic engagement by building bridges of understanding, cooperation and awareness of Houston's unique multicultural nature and international business climate. This will be accomplished by promoting the theme of what it means to be a Houstonian and citizen of the City of Houston. Your events and programs will be initiated by and give voice to our rich tapestry of individuals and cultural, grassroots, community, educational, business, consular, faith-based organizations and groups.


What We Are Celebrating


  • Citizenship: Greater awareness of what it means to be a citizen in order to foster positive, active civic engagement
  • Diversity: Underscoring of the City's diverse ethnic, immigration, cultural, professional and socioeconomic communities to support social cohesion, secure and vibrant neighborhoods, productive workplaces and healthy communities
  • Global Houston: Highlighting the City as a global, inclusive, vibrant place uniquely-positioned and highly attractive to do international business in order to support its economic growth and health and foster increased work opportunities for our diverse populations
  • Fellowship: Providing opportunities for community-driven events representing every segment of City life to support our City's neighbors getting to know each other better for harmony, cooperation and a sense of citizen stewardship towards one another and the City as our home and work space


How And Why To Get Involved


  • By Sponsoring: The fuel for Citizenship Month 2013 is its sponsors. We are seeking sponsors and partners from the media, business and educational communities, faith-based and community-based organizations, social service organizations, performing and visual arts organizations, the Consular Corps, our Armed Services, and other governmental entities.
  • By Organizing An Event: The heart of Citizenship Month 2013 is the individuals, groups and organizations that organize events. Citizenship Month is seeking enthusiastic and energetic individuals, groups and organizations representing all walks of life in the City of Houston to contribute to the week-long celebration of our civic richness and diversity with events that represent your unique contribution to the fabric of our City.
  • By Participating: Individuals, groups and organizations gain increased awareness of their contributions to the City and make a bigger difference in their community.


Office of International Communities


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The Office of International Communities brings together Houston’s international community by promoting their well-being and connectedness and facilitating their successful civic, economic, and cultural integration in Houston.


The office is a division of the City of Houston Department of Neighborhoods.

Contact Us


Send completed Event Proposal Forms for consideration via fax, email or mail to:


Office of International Communities

900 Bagby Street, Public Level

Houston, TX 77002

Fax: 832.393.0952



If you have questions, please call 832.393.1010



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Celebrating the Many Faces of Houston


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