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December 16, 2009

Notification of Capital Improvement Plan Storm Sewer Construction Project in South Voss Road Area

In order to keep pace with the growing needs of the community, the City of Houston Department of Public Works and Engineering will be improving the storm sewers in the area described below. The contractor for this project is Huff & Mitchell Inc. and work will start on January 19, 2010, and is scheduled to end on July 18, 2010.  You may not see any activity by the contractor for several weeks after the construction time has begun. This is due to the contractor getting prepared to perform work which includes procurement of materials and equipment, setting up staging areas or working in other areas in the project.

A detailed description and contact information is listed below:

  • WBS No.: R-000267-00D7-4
  • Project Description: Voss #2 Lift Station Diversion: The project consists of the demolition of existing Voss No. 2 lift station and the installation of a 15-inch gravity sewer.
  • Construction Cost: $503,630.00

Streets involved in construction:  South Voss Road.

Street Name: South Voss Road To: Ella Lee  From: Olympia

Project Location(s): 2234 South Voss Road

  • Construction Firm: Huff & Mitchell Inc.
  • Construction Firm Project Manager: Jeff Heflin, 281.830.3052,
  • Construction Mgmt & Inspection Firm: Othon, Inc.
  • Const. Mgmt & Inspection Project Manager: Alfred Vaughan, 281.233.7915,
  • Const. Mgmt & Inspection Inspector: Fred Ellis, 281.233.7911
  • City of Houston Project Manager: James Wilson, 713.837.7069,
  • City of Houston Managing Engineer: Carl Smitha. P.E., 713.837.7398,

Periodic updates of the construction schedule will be sent out using CitizensNet.

If you have questions about the construction phase please contact the Construction Management and Inspection Project Manager or the City of Houston Project Manager listed above.  If the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction please contact the City of Houston Managing Engineer listed above or Tim Lincoln, Senior Assistant Director, Construction Branch at (713) 837-7074 or e-mail at