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June 3, 2016

Daylight Hour
A Single Hour When We Ask You To TURN IT OFF Friday, June 17, 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

To raise awareness about the importance of energy efficiency and conservation, the City of Houston encourages you to  turn the lights out in honor of #DaylightHour, an annual social media event on June 17 th that promotes the use of daylight instead of electric lights in office spaces.

Daylight Hour is a yearly project by the New York City-based Building Energy Exchange. The goal is to raise awareness about the importance of natural light. Workplaces can join by turning off the lights during a peak hour for both sunlight and power demand and by documenting their involvement using social media. Last year, 300 offices in over a dozen countries got involved and successfully demonstrated how daylight can light up workspaces, save money, and reduce environmental impact.

Participation is as simple as registering online , posting about it on social media using #DaylightHour, and flipping a switch.

For more information about how to participate in Daylight Hour, please visit

Learn more about City of Houston's sustainability efforts:
For more information contact:

Lisa Lin
Office of Sustainability
City of Houston