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June 15, 2006

Duke Energy recently implemented a flexible work option called 9/80s that resulted in improved drive times for all motorists traveling down Westheimer and Chimney Rock during peak hours.

Two hundred and sixty Duke Energy employees changed their work schedule to be off work every other Friday in exchange for extending their work hours on the days they report to work. The before - and - after mobility study indicate s an average of 1.08 minutes saved for motorists making the 16-minute drive - time commute down Westheimer and Chimney Rock.

If diverting so few cars can have a measurable improvement, think about the effect of additional employers in the Westheimer/San Felipe/Chimney Rock area also adopting flexible work options.

I invite all employers to participate in the Flexible Workplace Initiative by exploring options that ma ke sense for your business and provide an opportunity for improved productivity, recruiting and retention, while allowing employees the option of not driving in every day at peak congestion time.

I also invite employers to participate in Flex in the City - two weeks in September when Houston employers participate in a concerted effort to reduce congestion by adopting additional flexible work options, measure the effect on productivity and help Houston to measure the net effect on mobility citywide.

To find out more about this initiative go to Together we can get Houston moving.

Bill White