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March 18, 2009

Court Victory Against Prostitution

On January 9, 2009, as a result of a lawsuit filed by the City of Houston, a state district court prohibited the El Rondo Motel, an hourly motel located in your neighborhood at 8020 Livingston, from renting any rooms to prostitutes or their customers.  The City successfully obtained this temporary order at the beginning of the lawsuit and will seek a permanent order at the trial scheduled to begin on 3/30/09.

The El rondo Motel agreed to the terms of the temporary order proposed by the City because of the thorough investigation and documentation of crime by Houston police officers and the City's Legal Department.  Apart from prohibiting rental of rooms for prostitution, the order requires the motel to: (1) not rent by the hour, (2) not sell condoms, (3) provide video surveillance, (4) hire uniformed certified peace officers to monitor and patrol, (5) have strict registration requirements with identification, (6) post signs informing patrons of many of these requirements.

This lawsuit is part of a crackdown Mayor Bill White has directed the City to pursue against illegal motel operations, which are magnets for crime and cause neighborhoods to deteriorate.  The motel is subject to severe penalties if it violates the court's order.

For more information, please contact Thomas Sulton at 832-393-6313 or you may reach him by email at