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July 24, 2008

New Trees for Fifth Ward


Dear Fifth Ward Community Residents:

In our ongoing effort to revitalize the Fifth Ward community, we have planted a total of 103 trees throughout the community.

Not only does planting trees enhance the community's visual attractiveness, it also offers a sense of peacefulness, relaxation and builds neighborhood character for future generations. Trees also help protect the environment by absorbing large amounts of storm water runoff. When properly placed and cared for, they can significantly increase your property values.

We welcome any support you or your neighborhood organizations can give to help us maintain our progress. If you see a tree that is being poorly maintained or needs special attention, please report it to 3-1-1.

We are targeting for planting three areas within Fifth Ward. They are:

Gregg/S. of I-10

-- Placed on eight medians

-- Planted twenty-one, 30 gallon trees

-- Planted eleven, 45 gallon trees

Hirsch ( Waco )

-- Placed on ten medians

-- Planted forty-eight, 30 gallon trees

Lockwood/Market - Clinton

-- Placed on five medians

-- Planted twenty-three, 30 gallon trees

Thank you,

Bill White