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January 6, 2016

My fellow Houstonians,

On Monday, with my hand on the same Bible that I used for my swearing in as a State Representative more than two decades ago, I took the oath of office to serve you as Houston's 62nd Mayor. 

My overall commitment is to preserving, protecting and investing in making Houston the best city that this world has ever seen.  I know tomorrow will be better than today.

In the area of infrastructure, I am announcing that starting in two weeks, potholes that are properly reported to the City's 3-1-1 Help and Info system will be assessed and addressed by the next business day.

To address our financial challenges, my administration will immediately begin development of a long-range fiscal plan that will look 10 years forward and puts in place a strategy for long-term financial health with a balanced budget.  If we engage in shared sacrifices for the benefit of our city, then the benefits of that collective commitment and love for our city will flow back to us.

The budget and infrastructure are just a couple of the areas I will be working on in the coming weeks.  I will also be focusing in improving our neighborhoods, improving relations between police and community and finding ways to reduce flooding.  You can find out more about my vision for Houston by reading or watching my entire inaugural address.  Just click on the following links below.

 Read the full text of my inaugural address here:
Watch my inaugural address here:
Watch my first press conference here:

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Best regards,

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Sylvester Turner