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October 20, 2010


Houston City Council has approved major changes to the Historic Preservation Ordinance, which now gives permanent protection to historic properties within historic districts. All existing and pending historic districts are immediately protected under the amended ordinance. There is also a new application process for the designation of future historic districts.

City Council has also adopted an ordinance that provides a way for property owners in existing historic districts and the pending Heights South district to petition for reconsideration of their designation. The results will help City Council decide whether to reaffirm a district's boundaries, modify the boundaries or dissolve the district, meaning the loss of all current protections.

Take time to learn about these new rules. Ask us questions. Let us help you understand what these changes mean to you.

Information about the new rules is available at You may also contact the City of Houston Historic Preservation staff at 713-837-7701 or e-mail

See maps of the current and pending districts at