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May 25, 2016

ReBuild Houston Project Underway in District K
Hillcroft Street Bridge Rehabilitation Project
Zip Code Area: 77035

Reconstruction of the two southbound lanes of the Hillcroft Street Bridge between Ludington Drive and Burlinghall Drive over the Willow Waterhole Bayou is scheduled to begin Monday, May 23, 2016, weather permitting.  During construction, southbound motorists will be directed to use one of the two northbound lanes over the bridge, transitioning back to normal patterns at Burlinghall Drive.  Also during this time, the two northbound lanes will function as the access for both northbound and southbound traffic - one lane in each direction instead of two lanes in each direction.  The project is expected to be complete in July 2016.

This approximately $122,000 project is designed to improve the overall road surface and safety of the bridge through the re-construction, repair, removal and/or replacement of bridge approach slabs, various bride joints, guard rails, and structural related repair and replacement of concrete or timber bridges and/or culverts as required.

This project is funded through ReBuild Houston - the voter-approved pay-as-you-go plan to rebuild and maintain the City's aging drainage and street infrastructure, without incurring new debt. This is an active example of how ReBuild Houston is providing better streets, better drainage and a better future.

For questions email or call 832.395.2090. To learn more about ReBuild Houston, visit

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