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July 7, 2009

Speed Hump Program Information

November 2012

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The City of Houston's Department of Public Works and Engineering is providing you with information about the City of Houston's Speed Hump program and the recent installation of speed humps on Garden Point.

The program has been in existence since 1995 and was developed as a "traffic calming" tool to improve safety in residential neighborhoods.  Simply put, speed humps are designed to reduce speeding on residential streets.  The Policies and Procedures describe the general framework of the program and allow the Public Works Department to install traffic control devices deemed necessary to improve safety. 

Since the program began, we have received over 5,400 requests for the installation of speed humps.  The demand has always been greater than our ability to fund and construct. So, the program was designed to rank and publicly fund segments with the greatest need.  The program also includes the ability for residents to privately fund the construction, but the project must meet the specified eligibility requirements.

The program is applicant driven.  A request must come from a resident who lives on the roadway segment they wish to have studied.  All requests are reviewed by the Houston Fire Department to ensure that the proposed humps would not impede emergency response time.  A speed study must be conducted to determine if a speeding problem exists and the extent of the problem.  Eligible segments are required to petition properties in the area directly affected to determine support.  Please note that evidence of support is only one of many rating factors used to evaluate and determine which segments will be funded by the City.  It is an illegal delegation of municipal authority to have evidence of support as the sole deciding factor for the installation of a traffic control device.

Segments that are determined eligible but do not receive City funding can privately fund the construction, but those projects must meet a higher threshold for evidence of support.  There must be at least 75% or greater evidence of support from the residents in the directly affected area before a segment can be privately funded.

History of Garden Point application:

  • Application for speed hump study for Garden Point between Rushing River and Mount Forest was submitted in January 2007.
  • Fire Department reviewed and approved the study for speed humps and a traffic study was conducted fall of 2007.  Result of traffic study indicated a 24 hour volume of 657 vehicles and 13.1% of all traffic exceeded 35 MPH in a 30 MPH speed zone.
  • Applicant was provided eligibility letter map and petition form on June 2007.  The Department determined petition area to consist of 17 properties. Original investigation included 1 hump but upon further investigation, based on the severity of speed and street configuration, an additional hump was included.  As a result 12 properties that were directly affected by this additional speed hump were re-petitioned.
  • Petition was returned with 93% support.
  • Request was evaluated but did not receive City funding.  (Applications remain active for 2 years and continued to be evaluated every funding cycle).
  • Applicant requested a private funding estimate and proceeded with private funding option.
  • Construction work order was issued and 2 speed humps were constructed May 2009.
Our goal is to create a safe environment for all citizens of Houston and the speed hump program is one tool to help achieve this goal.  We appreciate your interest in traffic safety on Houston's streets and hope this information addresses any misconceptions related to the Speed Hump Program or the construction of the speed humps on Garden Point.  If you have any question please feel free to contact the Traffic and Transportation Customer Service office at (713) 837-7280.