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January 25, 2010

Updated Notification of Capital Improvement Plan
Construction Project along Richmond and Wheeler

The City of Houston Department of Public Works and Engineering is currently performing a Condition Assessment of the 66-inch water line along Richmond and Wheeler. This project will review the condition of the water line, construct emergency connections and install monitoring equipment for the 66-inch water line.

The Contractor is Huff & Mitchell, Inc. A detailed description and contract information is listed below.

  • WBS No.: S-000901-0005-4
  • Project Description: Condition Assessment Support - Existing 66-inch Water Line along Richmond and Wheeler and Construction of Proposed Interconnections
  • Construction Cost: $4,182,778.30
  • View Map of Area Update 1 and Update 2 (.pdf)
 Work Activities

Replacement of approximately 100' of 66-inch water line and connection to 36-inch water line at Hutchins St. and Cleburne St.


Condition Assessment of Existing 66-inch Water Line along Richmond Ave., Wheeler Ave., and Hutchins St.


Streets involved in construction:

 Street Name To From
Richmond Ave. Hazard St. Main St.
Wheeler Ave. Main St. Hutchins St.
Hutchins St. Wheeler Ave. Cleburne St.
  • Construction Firm: Huff & Mitchell, Inc.
  • Construction Firm Project Manager:  Jeff Heflin, P.E. (713-304-9100)
  • CM&I Project Manager:  Aaron Schindewolf, P.E. (713-725-3173)
  • City of Houston Project Manager: Parmjit Kang, P.E.: (713-837-0804), E-mail:
  • City of Houston Managing Engineer: Carl Smitha, P.E.: (713- 837-7398), E-mail:

The contractor is required to provide residents written notification, via door hangers, 72 hours prior to construction beginning on your street.

Customers in the Southwest Pump Station service area may experience reduced pressure or discolored water from flow reversal in the system (see yellow cloud area in the attached maps). If you have any concerns, please call 311.

If you have questions about the construction phase please contact the Construction Management and Inspection Project Manager or the City of Houston Project Manager listed above. If the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction please contact the City of Houston Managing Engineer listed above or Tim Lincoln, Senior Assistant Director, Construction Branch at (713) 837-7074 or e-mail at