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September 17, 2010

Fellow Houstonians,

Thursday was a momentous occasion as I personally helped begin the demolition of one of the longest-standing eyesores of the nearby Antoine Corridor, Candlelight Trails, a property that has been a haven for crime, drugs and other nuisances.

My goal is always to put the community's needs first, and to ensure that the city targets abandoned, dangerous apartment/condo complexes such as Candlelight Trails. This demolition has taken more than three years to achieve because of various legal battles with the more than 150 condominium owners. Earlier this week, a judge finally agreed with the city's argument that the property was an imminent danger to the health and public safety and a demolition permit was granted.

The demolition will take approximately two weeks. Officers of the Houston Police Department and Neighborhood Protection Division who had been preoccupied with matters involving this property will now be able to focus their attention on other issues in your community.

I am proud to say that Thursday's event is just one of many others I have done and plan to do in the future. Any bad neighbors, including drug use or other criminal activity, should be reported to Nelson Espitia in the Mayor's Citizens' Assistance Office at or 832.393.0955.

Annise Parker