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July 15, 2008

CitizensNet Newsletter for Specific Houston Hope Neighborhoods

Dear Acres Homes Community Residents:

As of July 2008, Houston Hope has made it possible for 86 families to be able to buy quality affordable homes in re-energized areas of the city.  Houston Hope is Mayor Bill White's initiative to reinvest in several of Houston 's historic neighborhoods through a combination of stabilizing activities such as coordination of public safety programs, rehabbing existing homes, providing quality new affordable homes, and improving infrastructure and drainage. As participants of the Houston Hope initiative, qualified buyers in the targeted areas may receive up to $30,000 in down payment assistance.


Burghli Homes has 4 homes under contract with buyers and 12 already moved in on Apollo Street. Please welcome our new Acres Homes neighbors!

Currently, the Land Assemblage Redevelopment Authority (LARA) has purchased 938 properties citywide, with 229 of these in the Acres Home area.

Success Story

Ms. Chakeitha Allen, a widow in the process of starting over, had been a renter for the last eight years and had almost given up on her dream of homeownership. However, while surfing the web, she came across Houston Hope and thought it had to be a joke. She thought, "Why would the City give down payment assistance up to $30,000 and ask for nothing in return?" Ms. Allen visited one of the builders and ended up signing a contract that same day. Ms. Allen even placed a bible in the slab before pouring the concrete because she felt that this was truly a blessing from God.

If you are interested in viewing one of these homes, please call Acres Homes CDC at 713-692-1155, or Burghli Homes at 713-389-1221.

If you would like to learn more about Houston Hope, please call 713.522.HOME or visit If you are a builder and would like to partner with a HUD Certified Community Development Corporation to build in any of the targeted Houston Hope Neighborhoods, please go to