Civic Art



  • Number: 0026
  • Artist: McGuire, Frank
  • Title: Axis
  • Date: 1978, most recently restored in 2008
  • Type: Sculpture
  • Medium: Steel, Paint
  • Dimensions: 20' x 15' x 35'
  • Foundry/Fabricator: Artist
  • Location/Environment: West End Multi-Service Center, 170 Heights Blvd., Outdoors
  • Provenance: Purchased by the City of Houston with Community Development Funds

Historical Background

Artist History
This sculpture by the artist, Frank McGuire, was selected through a commission sponsored by the Community Development Division under Mayor Fred Hofheinz. Chosen from a field of 98 entries, Axis won both approval from the panel of jurors and residents from the Heights area of Houston. The artist studied in Cleveland and Kansas City and has exhibited in many monumental sculpture exhibitions throughout the United States.

Physical Description
Axis is an abstract steel sculpture painted with primary colors (yellow, red, blue).

This sculpture was designed to function as a playful item to view, with its strong geometric shapes and elementary color scheme. The artist's signature and date appear on the curved red leg.

Physical Description
Axis was restored in September 1997, and most recently restored in 2008.

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