Civic Art

Fire Station 27

Fire Station 27

Located at 6515 Lyons Avenue, at Gazin Street, ZIP Code 77020

  • Fire Station 27
  • Suzanne E. Sellers
  • 2006
  • glazed ceramic tiles
  • 16'h x 60'w

This Civic Art Project was selected by a panel of firefighter, artist, art professional and community representatives. Each of the 3,840 tiles composing the mosaic is hand painted by the artist. Sellers incorporated photographs submitted by community members and firefighters. The images depict firefighters, community life and the rich cultural heritage of the neighborhood. At bottom center, an image shows a cardiac arrest victim with the paramedics responsible for saving his life.

Artist Statement:

“I wanted to combine both the elements of the Fire Department and the local Denver Harbor community. Using color and strong angles, I wanted the piece to reflect the strength and colorfulness of the community.”

Suzanne E. Sellers is currently living and working in Houston. She received a B.S. in Art Education from Southwest Texas State University and a M.A. in Humanities (Art) from University of Houston, Clear Lake. Sellers has completed numerous murals throughout the City, including the mural in Market Square commissioned by Treebeard's Restaurant and the Downtown Historic District.