Civic Art

George Hermann

George Hermann

  • Location: The far southwest end of Hermann Park
  • Number: 0017
  • Artist: Edwards, Lonnie
  • Title: George H. Hermann
  • Date: Circa 1980
  • Type: Sculpture
  • Medium: Sculpture: Cast Bronze, Base: Pink Granite
  • Dimensions: Base: 72.75" H x 164" D
  • Location/Environment: Hermann Park, Southwest Corner, Outdoors
  • Provenance: Donated to the City of Houston by the Hermann Hospital Board of Trustees

Historical Background


George Hermann was born in Houston, Texas on August 6, 1843. During his lifetime, he accumulated personal fortune through various business enterprises that ranged from shop keeping to cattle driving.

Prior to his death, on October 21, 1914, Hermann commissioned the construction of Hermann Park (located in the Medical Center) and Hermann Square (located downtown). Hermann's reason for creating these spaces was that Houstonians could have a place “to breathe”.

In his will, Hermann also provided for the construction, maintenance and operation of the world renown Hermann Hospital, which is one of the largest nonprofit, secular, private hospitals in the country.

In 1981, the Hermann Hospital Board of Trustees erected George H. Hermann, in order to pay homage to George Hermann; “whose gift…was his concern that all men could share in his legacy”.

Physical Description
George H. Hermann is a life-size, three-part, cast bronze figurative sculpture standing on a trapezoidal concrete pedestal. The inscribed pedestal has polished pink granite faces and rests on top of a circular, polished granite base.

The sculpture depicts a man, wearing a suit and tie, glancing towards his proper right. Hermann is standing with feet apart, arms at his sides and a hat held in his proper right hand. He has both a mustache and a long goatee. The title ( George Hermann USA ) appears on the horizontal edge of the statue's self-base.

Each trapezoidal face of the pedestal is inscribed and the proper right face reads as follows:

GEORGE H. HERMANN/ THE MAN (and then continues with a brief summary of his life)

The front face reads as follows:

HIS GIFT (and continues with descriptions of Hermann Park and Hermann Square);

The proper left face reads as follows:

HIS CONCERN (then continues with details of his creation and endowment of Hermann Hospital)

The rear face reads as follows:

HIS LEGACY (ending with a dedication note by the Board of Trustees).

Restoration / Conservation
George H. Hermann was restored in January 2000.