Civic Art

Passage Inachevé

Passage Inacheve

Located along Memorial Drive and Buffalo Bayou, just west of the Sawyer Street overpass.

Taken from the April 26, 1990 Municipal Art Commission Meeting minutes:

"The meeting opened with an update on the French Bi-centennial public art piece. Carolyn Farb opened and introduced the artists and participants. Linnea Glatt gave an extensive presentation including a model and site specific plans for her piece. She described the conceptual structure which will "support" ideas in imagery. This imagery will be embedded in collage photographs printed in the lexan matrix, visible at a height of about 9-12 feet. The imagery will be constructed from photographs taken in France and assembled in the studio. They will reflect issues of human rights, freedom of expressions, contemplative ideas, elements of history and contemporary concerns. The viewer should have a sense of mark-making as well as references to Houston, France and the bayou site. It is the artists intention to blend a sense of exterior and interior, overlapping ideas, seeing through from one side to the other. Materials will include galvanized steel with patina for minimum maitenance, a concrete slab, seating elements, and new technologies that allow images to be embedded in impregnable clear material.

The artist hopes that there will be lights and is exploring these issues. An engineer will evaluate the piece to withstand all technical consideration and affix an official stamp.

The dimensions are approximately 28 ft. x 28 ft. about 9 feet tall. A maintenance endowment has been set up at 5% of the cost---of the piece to insure the maintenance."

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