Civic Art

Scanlan Fountain

Scanlan Fountain

  • Number: 0004
  • Artist: Unknown
  • Title: Scanlan Fountain
  • Date: 1891
  • Type: Fountain
  • Medium: Cast Iron
  • Dimensions: Approximately 12 feet tall
  • Foundry/Fabricator: J.L. Mott Iron Works
  • Location/Environment: Sam Houston Park, Allen Parkway @ Bagby Street
  • Provenance: Donated to the City of Houston by the Heritage Society

Historical Background

Thomas Scanlan, born in Ireland, came to Houston in 1853 and began business as a general merchant. After the Civil War, Scanlan rose rapidly through the ranks of municipal politics and was appointed Mayor of Houston in 1870. The Scanlan home, then located at the 1900 block of Main, was razed in 1938. Consequently, the Scanlan Fountain was relocated to their new residence in Rosharon. In 1972, the fountain was donated to the Heritage Society.

Physical Description
The Scanlan Fountain is located in Sam Houston Park. The pool of the fountain is concrete and approximately 30” tall and the fountain is approximately 12 feet tall. The finish is waterproof green paint, which was the original color of the fountain. There is decorative elements throughout the cast form. Most notable are the series of goats on the perimeter of the second basin. The water pours from the spouts in their mouths into the bottom pool.

Restoration / Conservation
The Scanlan Fountain was restored in 1999.

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