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Kick-Off Meeting

Mayor Sylvester Turner addressing the audience
Mayor Sylvester Turner speaks with Acres Home residents


HTV recording of the kick-off meeting

All public meetings were recorded by HTV. You can view them from this site and click “Specialty".

The Acres Home Kick-off meeting celebrated Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Complete Communities initiative in Acres Home. Over 300 stakeholders and residents attended and over 20 City of Houston departments and agencies were present to provide information to the community. The purpose of the meeting was to create a vision and goals for the community. Participants defined what is a complete community, what assets are in the community, what are the strengths of the community and what are the challenges.

A Complete Community is...

We heard the voices of Acres Home, and this is what they said.

Asset Mapping

The goal of the activity was to understand the most important and loved places in the neighborhood. The community was asked to identify three items on a map

  • green1. Place a green dot sticker on your home (if you live in the neighborhood)
  • heart2. Place a red heart sticker on the place in the neighborhood you love the most
  • yellow3. Place a yellow dot sticker on the place in the neighborhood that needs attention
Acres Home Asset Map Acres Home Asset Map

Breakout Session: Visioning Workshop

The community also participated in a visioning breakout session. The goal of the activity was to begin to develop a mission or vision statement. A facilitator asked and recorded the responses for three questions. Below are the top 15 responses from the community.

Acres Home Asset Map

1. “What are the strengths of Acres Home that we should build on? What do you love most about the community?”

2. “What are some challenges Acres Home faces? What would you like to change?

3. “In 10 years when Acres Home is a Complete Community, how would you describe it…what would the community have?
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Handouts and Meeting Materials

Maps, Data and Statistics


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