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Near Northside Action Plan

The Near Northside Complete Communities Action Plan is online! The Action Plan outlines the vision, policies, goals and projects that have been identified by stakeholders over a six-month planning process that included two large public meetings and an examination of six local community plans and studies. Over 250 leaders, stakeholders, and partners attended the public meetings, and provided valuable input and guidance. The goals and projects work toward a vision of a healthier, more resilient, prosperous, and equitable future for the community.

Planning in Near Northside

"You can not be a Complete Community unless we have quality schools and great educators to help teach our children."
"We need to spend more money in the arts. Let's build this community up"

-Mayor Sylvester Turner

The Neighborhood Support Team (NST) will work on implementing the Near Northside Action Plan.  Two of Near Northside’s great assets are active civic engagement and multiple planning efforts that have been made over the years. There is a diverse collection of organizations that are working daily on the goals and projects listed in the Action Plan and other community plans. The NST will work alongside existing community teams on the nine topic areas highlighted in the Plan. Community members will report back on progress at each NST meeting. If you are interested in participating in the implementation process, please contact the Coordinating Team with a topic of your interest at The nine topics are:

  • Civic Engagement
  • Economy and Jobs
  • Education
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Mobility and Infrastructure
  • Neighborhood Character
  • Parks and Community Amenities
  • Safety

"A Complete Community is..."

We heard the voices of Near Northside, and this is what they said

Word Cloud Mayor Sylvester Turner addressing the audience
Mayor Sylvester Turner addressing the audience

Planning Process

Planning Process

Every neighborhood’s assets, challenges and vision are unique. However, the goal of Complete Communities is the same: to improve neighborhoods so that all of Houston’s residents and business owners can have access to quality services and amenities. The Complete Communities Planning Process is designed to create an Action Plan that will guide how communities and their partners will reach that goal. This collaborative community-driven method will achieve consensus on a vision and goals, identify projects and strategies, set priorities, engage partners, create benchmarks to measure success over time and adopt the Action Plan. The final step is to implement the goals that completes the community’s vision. Near Northside has existing community plans rich with neighborhood participation and support. Because of its extensive planning work, Near Northside will follow steps 3-5.

For more information on meeting specifics in Near Northside that are planned or have occurred, click:

Vision & Goals
Kick-Off Meeting
November 2, 2017

Action Plan Adoption
Open House
Feb. 20, 2018

Neighborhood Support Team (NST)

It is vital that the Complete Communities initiative connect with each neighborhood's civic leaders and organizations to understand their strengths, their connections within the community, and their perspectives on the needs of the neighborhood. Local civic leaders have the pulse of the community and know the assets and concerns better than the City alone.

We will rely on the NST to be our partners in this process by providing guidance to the public engagement approach in the area. We need to hear their voices and depend on the NST to ensure widespread participation from the community. Leaders should represent a constituency, are supported by that group and have some engagement capacity.

To see a list of the leaders and organizations the City has contacted or will soon contact, click Near Northside NST. The attached list is by no means exhaustive. If you know of leaders and/or organizations that should be included in this dialogue, please contact the Team Lead listed below.

PDFList of Civic Leaders and Organizations (.pdf)

Coordinating Team

Team Lead: Davonte Caldwell, Planner I

Phone: 832.393.6600
Fax: 832.393.6647

Neighborhood Profile

Near Northside, located just north of Houston’s downtown, is one of the city’s historic neighborhoods. The super neighborhood is connected to Downtown Houston by Main Street. The neighborhood is generally bounded by I-10 to the south, I-45 to the west, and Hardy Street to the east, while extending a number of blocks north of I-610. The Complete Communities focus area for the Near Northside is the area between the north side of I-10 and the south side of the I-610 Loop, and generally between Robertson Street and Maury Street.

Near Northside saw its first development in the late 1800s with the growth of the city’s railroad industry and the influx of European immigrants. The Hardy Rail Yards, which lies on the southern edge, drew residential and commercial development to the area just north of White Oak Bayou and Downtown Houston. The Near Northside is still home to a variety of small, locally owned businesses, many Victorian style homes, and a variety of social service and healthcare agencies.

The Near Northside is serviced by METRORail’s Red Line, extending along its two major commercial arteries: North Main and Fulton streets. Home to a largely Hispanic population, the Near Northside features its culture through the neighborhood’s annual Sabor del Northside festival. Moody Park is an important gathering place in the community, along with Northside High School (formally Jefferson Davis High School). The southern part of the neighborhood includes Marshall Middle School and Carnegie Library.

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