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February 2, 2011 -- In order to increase transparency and show the nature of disbursements made by the City of Houston, Controller Ronald C. Green has now made these daily payment records available on the City’s web site. The Controller's Office is responsible for the City’s cash disbursements.
The new eVendor Disbursement page is located at:www.houstontx/gov/controller/evendordisbursement.

The eVendor Disbursement Page shows payments beginning January 1, 2011; the files contain an alphabetical listing of City disbursements by day listing the most current day first.

“We think the E-Disbursement information will be immensely helpful to our vendors,” says Controller Green. “Essentially, it should eliminate most follow-up calls regarding a payment, and—perhaps most importantly—is an open record of just what checks and to whom the City has made.”

The payments are primarily direct deposits to the listed vendor's bank account. The rest of the payments are made by check.

City suppliers who have questions about the nature of a specific payment, should contact the Department with which they are currently working. Additional information on specific payments can be found through the City’s Vendor Liaison tab on the Controller’s site. The data contained on this website is for informational purposes only.

Viewers can also right-click one of the text files to save it to a computer. Once the text file is saved, the information can be imported into popular spreadsheet software.