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Annise D. Parker Controller


Tracking the Houston Stimulus


Houston City Controller Annise Parker's office is tracking the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and its impact on the Houston area. According to current estimates, we are in line to receive approximately $187 million in formula allocations. In addition, the city will be pursuing numerous competitive allocations.

Controller Parker believes transparency and accountability are critical to keeping the public informed about how the funds included in the ARRA are being allocated and spent. The controller's office will continue to expand this Web page to provide ongoing information on this effort.

The Dollars
The city controller's office has compiled the following information regarding funding for Houston . The first link details formula allocations. For comparison purposes, the spreadsheet also includes estimated amounts the State of Texas might expect to receive.

Estimated Stimulus Impact on Houston : Download the detailed spreadsheet of formula allocations * (PDF updated 3/31/09)

This next link includes a first look at some of the competitive allocations the city is seeking. These are classified as “shovel ready” projects, meaning they are ready to go. These are pending applications. The dollars have not been awarded.

“Shovel Ready “applications (PDF updated 4/16/09)

Find Funding For Your Organization

The Texas Comptroller's office has compiled detailed information on grants and other potential funding opportunities made available by the ARRA. Some of the listed programs offer competitive grants, while others are grants distributed through preexisting formulas and some are loan programs. According to the state comptroller's transparency Web site, some of the posted information is subject to change. However, the document will allow groups to begin reviewing funding opportunities available for them. The Comptroller's Web site provides contact information, links and the amount of funding for each program. Where possible, they have indicated the amount available for Texas .

ARRA Grant and Loan Opportunities in Texas (updated 3/27/09 )

Contracting Opportunities

The ARRA offers opportunities for businesses and other organizations to work on federal projects. The state comptroller is also offering information about these opportunities.

Federal Contracting Opportunities (updated 3/27/09)

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