Audit Division

Report Fraud, Waste and / Or Abuse

The Office of the City Controller is committed to eliminating fraud and waste in City government. If you are aware of fraudulent activities being committed by government employees or officials, citizens, or business entities defrauding the City of Houston, you can help save taxpayer money by furnishing this information to the Office of the City Controller. Please provide any information you may have using the form below.

1). Identify the type of fraud you are reporting, e.g. theft of goods or services by a government official or employee. Choose from the following:

2). Please provide a precise description of the fraudulent activity, including the name of any city department, program or service wherein you believe fraud is taking place; the name of the individual or business entity whom you believe is involved in fraudulent activity; and details of the incident(s) you are reporting.

3). If these allegations are related to a claim or to a contract, please provide the claim or contract number, if known.

4). Date the incident occurred (Month/Day/Year):

5). Where the incident occurred:

6). What is the basis of your knowledge regarding these matters (e.g. you witnessed these acts first-hand; you work where the fraud is occurring; you have been told by others with first-hand knowledge; etc.)?

7). Do you have any evidence such as documents, photographs, letters, electronic data, or anything else to substantiate the fraud? Describe.

8). Can we contact you to discuss your concerns in more detail?

If yes, please provide a way we can contact you below. (You may provide as much or as little information as you wish.)



Telephone Number:

Enter Email Address or Leave as Is to Send Anonymously:

9). Would you be willing to come into our office to give a statement?

Or you can call our Fraud Hotline, at 832.393.3542.