Audit Division

Post Audit Survey

Please rate the extent to which you agree with the following statements about the audit.
The audit staff clearly communicated the objectives of the audit / engagement (Defined what audit work would be done).
Management's requests and / or concerns were considered in the approach and scope.
The audit was thorough enough to cover major functions, relevant time periods, and areas of concerns.
The disruption of daily activities was minimized as much as possible.
The requests for information were relevant and reasonable.
Management was kept informed of the status of the audit.
Concerns (including findings/observations) were adequately and promptly communicated to management.
The conclusions adequately addressed and related to the audit objectives.
The findings/observations were reasonable, relevant and accurate. (Even if you disagreed with the conclusions.)
The recommendations proposed were cost effective and/or of value to you.
The draft report was adequately discussed allowing the opportunity to resolve and/or respond before issuing the report.
Auditors displayed a skill level reflecting proficiency and competency.
Auditor's communication was courteous and professional (written and oral).
Auditor's were objective and maintained a positive and constructive approach.
 You were satisfied with the overall engagement.

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