Special Revenue Funds are used to account for the proceeds of specific revenue sources (other than expendable and non-expendable trust and capital projects) that are restricted to expenditures for special purposes. Funds included are:

Asset Forfeiture - to account for monies received through forfeiture of property in drug-related court proceedings. Revenues are restricted for use in law enforcement.

Auto Dealers - to account for revenues collected from licensing and inspection of automobile dealerships and parts businesses. Funds are used for regulation of automobile businesses within the City.

Building Inspection - to account for revenues generated by issuing building permits and licenses. Money is used to perform inspections and to enforce minimum building standards.

Cable Television - to account for contributions from cable television companies that are restricted to providing public, educational, and municipal programming.

Grants Revenue - to account for various state and federally funded programs.

Health Special - to account for various privately funded health programs.

Fire Prevention - to account for costs and revenues associated with conducting special fire safety inspections after normal duty hours.

Houston Transtar - to account for the overall planning, design and maintenance of transportation operations and emergency management within the Greater Houston Area.

Housing Special - to account for monies received and expended for special housing purchased from Resolution Trust Corporation.

Parks Special - to account for services and admission fees received by the Parks and Recreation Department for the maintenance and improvement of facilities and administering programs.

Police Special Services - to account for funds paid to police for special services performed for public and private agencies.

Sign Abatement - to account for the revenue designated to purchase and remove outdoor signs.

Sign Administration - to account for monies received and expended in administering the City’s sign code.

Street and Drainage Maintenance - to account for revenues designated for repair of streets and maintenance of drainage systems.

Street and Traffic Maintenance - to account for revenues received from Metropolitan Transit Authority for maintenance of City streets and traffic control.

9-1-1 Emergency Network - to account for the operations of the City’s emergency answering system.

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