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Kathy Whitmire Visits 2

August 26, 2010 -- Former mayor Kathy Whitmire was in town August 26 for Houston’s 174th birthday celebration and stopped by Controller Ronald C. Green’s office at his invitation. Controller Green escorted Ms. Whitmire through the Controller’s office introducing her to the current staff members—some of whom had worked with her during her administration. Whitmire served two terms as Houston City Controller before being elected mayor. She served five terms as mayor.

“Yes, Houston always feels like home,” she answered a question about being in the city again. “It feels the same, but of course there are so many new developments and recreational opportunities. I’m especially delighted to see how much activity there is downtown and the revitalized neighborhoods near downtown. You are not seeing that in many cities.”

Whitmire has lived in Hawaii for the past nine years, but she returns to Houston regularly to visit family and friends.

“You contributed so much to this city,” said Controller Green. “Including your recruiting a number of people who went on to elected office such as Lee Brown and Sylvia Garcia.”

“Rail was always a dream of mine, so it’s very gratifying to see that is underway,” said Whitmire. “And the Brown Convention Center up and running. That referendum passed when I was mayor.”

Green and Whitmire taped a conversation for later play on The Green Report, Controller Green’s hall-hour TV show premiering in Sept. on Comcast Ch. 16, the Houston Community College station.