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April 28, 2018 Event

April 28, 2018
Houston Community College – West Loop Campus

This event equipped the next generation with the tools needed to shift away from the conditions that resulted in the need for the #MeToo movement. Attendees engaged in a real dialogue with other young adults, students and featured guests, to unpack the issues of sexual assault, harassment and misconduct in today's culture as it relates to media, school, power paradigms, the workplace and more! Topics that were addressed included, but not limited to: what to do when you are a bystander of sexual assault, harassment or misconduct; what to say when encouraged to participate in “locker room” talk, and how to respond when someone “crosses the line” at work. While the voices of those who have been forced to remain silent for years are now being heard through the #MeToo movement, this event created a dialogue that empowered the next generation to ignite a culture shift that stops the spread of sexual assault, harassment and misconduct.