District C

Cohen Ambassador Program

Dear Friend,

I’m pleased to announce that we are now accepting new applications for the 2018 Cohen Ambassador Program!

The Cohen Ambassador Program (CAP) was created in 2012 to help my team track the ideas and concerns of the over 70 civic associations throughout District C. As a Cohen Ambassador, your role is to act as a point-person between my Council office and your neighborhood. Your duties include:

  • Attending your neighborhood’s regular civic club meetings
    • Most of the over 70 neighborhoods throughout District C have an active civic club, which typically meets one evening each month. If you’re not sure when and where your group meets, we can assist with that information.
  • Relaying community needs to us
    • Whenever issues arise in your neighborhood, whether it be potholes or strong opinions on Council agenda items, we want to hear about it!
  • Sharing important City of Houston news with your neighbors
    • We send out a weekly e-newsletter, This Week at City Hall, which is your primary source for current City of Houston updates. We ask that you share the weekly news with your neighbors and be a source of knowledge for your community
  • Attending annual CAP Meetings
    • My team and I bring all our Cohen Ambassadors together for a meeting each year so that everyone has the chance to meet each other and trade ideas on common neighborhood challenges and solutions. We anticipate our 2018 CAP Meeting to take place in April.

The program is meant to be a non-intrusive yet effective communication system to ensure every community has its voice heard at City Hall. We primarily communicate via email and phone on an as-needed basis, and encourage CAP members to keep in touch with each other throughout the year to provide each other guidance.

To apply to serve as a 2018 Cohen Ambassador, please email DistrictC@houstontx.gov with your resume. Please be sure to include your name, home address, and the neighborhood you would like to represent. We will accept applications through Wednesday, February 28th and notifications will be sent the first week of March.

Looking forward to working with you!