Municipal Courts

Requesting Deferred Disposition

What is Deferred Disposition?
Deferred Disposition is a suspended sentence. On your plea of guilty or no contest, the court will defer a finding of guilt, assess Court costs, and order that you post a bond and comply with certain conditions. If you successfully comply with the terms, your case will be dismissed, and the bond money will be applied to a special expense fee. If you fail to comply with the terms, a judgment will be imposed, a conviction will be reported to DPS (Texas Department of Public Safety), and the bond money will be applied to the fine.

How do I Request Deferred Disposition?
You may request Deferred Disposition on or before your first court date in person, by phone, or by mail.   If the offense is a traffic offense classified as a moving violation and  the defendant is younger than 25 years of age, then the judge shall require as a condition of deferred disposition that the defendant complete a driver safety course.

In Person – If you opt to request Deferred in person prior to your court date, you may appear before the Annex Judge with the following:

Request By Phone - You may dial 713.837.0311 to speak to a One Call Solution Center representative by phone to submit your Deferred Disposition information. You will need access to a computer and email to complete this process. If your court date is within 5 business days, we recommend you appear in court, or contact 3-1-1 for further information.

By Mail – If you opt to request Deferred Disposition by mail, your submission must be postmarked on or before your scheduled court date to avoid a Failure to Appear Warrant.
When mailing in your request please include the following:

  • Signed and completed Deferred Disposition Application [Download PDF]
  • Copy of Drivers License (CDL holders are not eligible)
  • Copy of current proof of vehicle insurance
  • Payment of bond in the amount of:
    • $214.00 for each non-accident traffic case
    • $229.00 for each non-accident speeding of 15 miles or less than the posted speed limit
    • $259.00 for each non-accident speeding of 16 miles to 25 miles over the posted speed limit
    • $254.00 for each non-accident school zone case
    • $279.00 for each accident case
    • The judge will review your driving history and deferred disposition will only be granted at the discretion of the reviewing judge.

Request by mail WILL NOT be accepted for the following offenses, you MUST appear IN PERSON:

  • 26 miles or more over the posted speed limit
  • Any offense by a holder of a CDL (Commercial Drivers License)
  • Passing a school bus
  • No Liability insurance
  • Any traffic violation that occurred in a construction zone with workers present
  • Non-traffic cases
  • Juvenile cases (must appear in person with a parent or guardian)

** Please note: you may apply for deferred disposition for the above offenses in the Annex Court prior or on your scheduled date in the assigned courtroom. Please bring the items requested by mail (listed above). Bond amounts are set by the court and may differ per case.

The Deferred Disposition Application is available for download.