Curfew Announcements

Mayor Ends Curfew Related to Flooding

September 15, 2017 -- Mayor Sylvester Turner announced today that he has ended the flood-related curfew in all areas of the city.

The midnight- 5 a.m. curfew was lifted several days ago for most of the city but had remained in effect for neighborhoods of west Houston flooded by releases of rainwater from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reservoirs.

Now the mayor has ended the curfew for those areas immediately east of the reservoirs and for all other Houston neighborhoods.

The curfew was aimed at protecting homes and other properties that were evacuated due to flooding from Hurricane Harvey and subsequent reservoir releases. The number of citations and arrests for violations of the curfew was minimal.

Mayor Sylvester Turner Partially Lifts Citywide Curfew
Areas under mandatory evacuation remain under curfew until further notice

September 5, 2017 -- Mayor Sylvester Turner has partially lifted the Citywide curfew that was initially implemented on August 30 to promote public safety within disaster-striken areas.

Today, September 5, 2017, Mayor Turner has lifted the curfew for the City of Houston, with the exception of portions of west Houston currently impacted by flooding.

The area still under curfew from midnight to 5:00am is:

  • West of Gessner
  • East of TX Hwy-6
  • South of I-10/Katy Freeway
  • North of Briar Forest Drive

This area remains under curfew until further notice.

The curfew does not apply to:

  • Any portion of the City of Bunker Hill Village
  • Those engaged in emergency response, as authorized by designated City officials
  • Late shift workers
  • Emergency volunteers traveling through the area
  • People seeking medical attention or shelter
  • People traveling through the city to a destination outside of the city
  • Individuals who are on private property with permission from the owner, and who are not subject to a mandatory evacuation order.

A detailed map and a copy of the Mayor's Executive Order can be found at


Statement from HPD Regarding Curfew Announcement

August 29, 2017 -- Consistent with the Mayor’s directive and to keep and maintain order in the city, a mandatory citywide curfew has been implemented, which will be in effect from 12 a.m. (midnight) until 5 a.m.

Officers who encounter an individual in apparent violation of the curfew should stop and investigate to determine the circumstances warranting their presence in the public domain.  Officers are expected to exercise their discretion relative to these encounters and to take whatever action is most appropriate.  Persons involved in flood relief efforts, flood relief volunteers, individuals seeking shelters, first responders, and persons going to and from work (late shift workers) are exempt from the curfew.

This order will remain in effect until further notice.  Houstonians will be advised when the curfew is lifted.