VISION: Houston celebrates its vibrant diversity as a vital, dynamic force that empowers, inspires and unifies people and communities.

Houston Celebrates Diversity Month in April!

Rotating Photo Gallery of Diversity Month Press Conference

Houston Diversity Month 2018 Press Conference

Houston’s observance of Diversity Month brings together people of all backgrounds to share diverse cultures and heritages, exchange knowledge and ideas, and celebrate the core social values of inclusiveness, respect and equal opportunity for all. The celebration engages Houstonians in activities that promote healthy and resilient communities through smart civic investments, dynamic partnerships, education and innovation. Diversity Month is a showcase of Houston’s “can do” dynamism as the most diverse city in the world where anyone can prosper and feel at home.

1) To enhance Houstonians' exposure to and knowledge of its diverse communities.
2) To create spaces for critical conversations and deliberative domains celebrating the city's strengths and highlighting opportunities for growth in embracing its social, economic, and cultural differences.

The Mayor’s Office of New Americans & Immigrant Communities in collaboration with educational institutions, businesses, organizations and nonprofits throughout April will hold cultural celebrations and various showcased events that promote respect and mutual understanding in our communities.

“Houston is the most diverse city in the USA. Diversity is our strength. In Houston, if we can dream it we can do it!” -- Mayor Sylvester Turner

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