Houston is the most diverse city in the USA. Diversity is our strength. In Houston, if we can dream it we can do it! Mayor Sylvester Turner

Houston Celebrates Diversity Month in April!

Rotating Photo Gallery of Diversity Month Press Conference

Houston Diversity Month 2018 Press Conference

Houston’s celebration of Diversity Month ┬áin April brings together people who shape the cultural mosaic of Houston. During this month, we encourage Houstonians to exchange ideas and purposefully demonstrate an inclusive, respectful and equitable community for our residents and visitors.

Each day, you are able to witness a better society as the interaction among our residents fosters an appreciation for the variety of people and personal life experiences. These differences are to be celebrated and respectfully revered. These differences also allow us to appreciate how unique we are, yet how much we have in common.

We want to hear your stories and hear what defines Houston diversity. Take a moment to share the engaging experiences of the people, programs and places of Houston that celebrate our diversity. We want to hear from you! Tag your social media with #DefineHoustonDiversity and #HOUDiversityMonth

Thank you for being a part of such a beautifully diverse Houston! We celebrate you!

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