Six in the City - $6 Anywhere Downtown

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Introducing $6 cab rides anywhere downtown!

Late for a meeting? Want to try out that new lunch place across downtown? Need to run some errands without your car? Now you have an easy option for getting around downtown without any of the hassles. Six in the City makes traveling within downtown a walk in the park.

Hail A Cab Locations (.pdf)

The new downtown circulator program will now make getting around downtown a snap. No guessing on the rates, and you and your colleagues are set to get anywhere downtown for just $6.

We hope you take advantage of this program and experience the convenience of quick cab ride around downtown Houston. When you take a taxi, it's all about the perks.

  • Door-to-door service
  • Friendly service
  • It's affordable
  • One fare applies to multiple riders
  • Daytime transportation alternative for commuters using mass-transit
  • Broadens lunch time alternatives
  • Convenient option for conventioneers and downtown visitors
  • $6 fare applies to all downtown trips even if the meter reflects a different amount

This program does not endorse any single operating cab company

Hailing a Cab GraphicFrequently Asked Questions

When did this program begin?
Former Mayor Bill White and the Houston City Council passed the amended ordinance that outlines the $6 flat rate for Central Business District on October 4, 2006, at which time the new rate also went into effect.

What are the boundaries of the Central Business District?
The $6 cab fare applies to the downtown Houston area that is bounded by I-45, I-10 and US 59.

How many people can ride in one cab?
As many people are legally allowed in a particular cab is the limit of riders.

How many stops can I have the cab driver make?
A $6 cab fare, regardless of the number of riders, applies to one pick-up and one drop off only.

Do I have to pay in cash?
Cash of course is accepted by all cab drivers. But alternative forms of payment will vary depending on the cab. There are cabs that are equipped to accept credit/debit cards. When you hail a cab or call a cab company for service, be sure to ask them what forms of payment are accepted.

Is tipping included?
Tip is not part of the $6 fare. Tipping is not required but is appreciated by all cab drivers that offer excellent customer service.

Does the rate change at night, or is there an additional fee for evening cab fare?
The $6 rate does not change at night and there are no additional fees for evening cab fare.

Where can I catch a cab?

  • Cab Stands: There are at least 21 cabstand location around downtown Houston. Look for cab stand signs that designate the area as a location where can drivers can "stand" and wait for a fare.
  • "Hailing Cab" Icon: There are 30 'hailing cab' icons (pictured at upper left) on various downtown streets which mark that particular site as a three-minute zone where taxis can briefly stop to pick up and drop off passengers.

Catch / Call a Cab

Here are some tips on hailing a cab:

  • Look for the taxi stand signs that designate a cabstand location - there are 21 around downtown - or -
  • Look for the"hailing cab" icon, pictured at right, on various downtown streets, there are 30 around downtown, that mark a particular site where taxis can pick up and drop off passengers, and wave to an oncoming cab driver. - or -
  • Call a cab company of your choice and request front –door pick-up service.
  • Tip: If you need a cab ride back to your pick-up site, let the cab driver know, give him a time, and he'll be happy to return and take you back to the downtown location of your choice.

Call a Cab …

Choose from one of many cab companies to get you where you need to go!

  • City Cab -- 713.649.2000
  • Fiesta Cab Company -- 713.225.2666
  • Liberty Cab Company -- 281.444.4444
  • Lone Star Cab Company -- 713.444.4444
  • Red Sea Cab -- 281.437.5971
  • Square Deal Cab Company -- 832.444.4444
  • United Cab Company -- 713.699.0000
  • Yellow Cab Company -- 713.236.1111