People with Disabilities

Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities
The TCDD has a comprehensive Resource Guide on Higher Education for People with Disabilities available directly on their website. The resources include: preparing for higher education, educational and career options, specialized resources, accommodations for technology, information on individual colleges, and specific links to colleges in Texas.

Braille Bug
This site offers fun and educational games for students with visual impairments, and also has information for parents on free resources, downloading Braille files, and activities for their child.

Council for Exceptional Children
This council offers a number of resources to help students and parents, but also has a breakdown of the different kinds of financial aid available and steps to apply.

Association on Higher Education and Disability
AHEAD’s resource guide offers links to many transition resources for students who are moving from primary to secondary education.

Accredited Schools Online-Helping Students with Visual Impairments
This site provides students with visual impairments the tips and resources needed to succeed in school including tips for choosing the right college, in-depth look at the link in bold above.

National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability
This site helps youth explore and prepare for the workforce in a number of ways. The site address professional development, youth development, workforce development, and connects students to High School/ High Tech, which is a national network of state and local operated programs to provide students with disabilities the opportunity to explore jobs and other education options.  

Playgrounds Without Limits
Check out all these city parks that are designed with a ramp and poured in place pad that allows children and parents with disabilities the opportunity to access up to 90% of the play structure. 

Check out our other free and fun resources for students to enjoy during their time out of school listed in the Early Childhood – High School sections of our homepage.

PBS Parents
This site helps explain different learning disabilities and how parents can cope/help  their child with them.

Early Childhood Intervention – ECI Keep Pace HCDE
ECI Keep Pace-HCDE, one of 58 ECI programs in Texas, helps families with infants who are developing later than children their age in sitting, walking, talking or playing with toys

Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
This site breaks down and gives support for parents of newly diagnosed children.

The Houston Branch of the International Dyslexia Association
Here is a resource guide with helpful questions and resources that parents can use to better understand the laws and FAQs of Dyslexia

National Center for Learning Disabilities
The center breaks down how parents can help their children in the home, at school, and in college and work. It also helps parents understand their child’s rights.

Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services
DARS has list of resources for rehabilitation services, blind services, early childhood intervention services, disability determination services, disability determination services, help for state agencies, and autism program.

Family Connect
This site offers information on raising a visually impaired child broken down by age range, and also offers information about being a parent with visual impairment.

The Learning Disabilities Association of Texas
Offers a variety of resources, websites, and directories that deal with learning disabilities association websites, information, laws, higher education, state/federal.